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We will go into details when talking about different nicotine pouches brands: Zyn, Velo, Ace, Skruf, Nordic Spirit – we’ve got them all. You can learn more about your favourite brands or find out about new ones that you didn’t even know existed in the UK market. How are nicotine pouches manufactured? Are slim pouches different from the regular ones? How many pouches are in a can? What is the strongest pouch out there? What kind of flavour can you expect from a can marked “Urban Vibe”? You will find all the answers to everything you ever wanted to know about nicotine pouches on our website.

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But not just that. Beyond everything you WANT to know, we will tell you about everything you NEED to know. Such as, are nicotine pouches and snus the same thing? Are nicotine pouches even legal in the UK? What about the EU? Can you buy, sell, possess and use the products without breaking the law? You can stay calm, we’re sure the answer to all of these questions will be to your liking. Everything you ever wanted and needed to know about nicotine pouches, their use, manufacturing and more is within your reach – just a click away on our website. Welcome to Nicotine Pouches UK!