As a new product, Ace pouches deliver the full snuss experience. They have been skillfully made by experts to be comfortable and discreet to enjoy. It is a powerful product with a nicotine content of 18 mg/g and comes in different flavours such as Superwhite Cool Mint Slim, Citrus Slim, Eucalyptus Slim, Licorice Mint Slim, and Extreme Cool Slim. With different flavours, the extra strong and tobacco-free brand, consumers have a variety of options to choose from. The brand is a great solution for those users who are looking for a strong kick of nicotine without getting any of the negative effects of tobacco present in regular snuss.

The strength

What sets the Ace brand apart from its competitors is the nicotine strength that the brand managed to squeeze into every single pouch. With full 18 mg/g, each pouch presents the user with a very intense nicotine kick. However, many users have reported that the pouches are still coming across as quite mild. What does that mean? You get the best of both worlds! Ace nicotine pouches will give you the amount of nicotine unlike any other brand out there, however, the strength does not mean that the flavours are compromised in any way, and you still get the unique taste that each pouch promises. This is especially good news for the British consumers, who yet is relatively new to the Snuss experience and could start with Ace pouches to get used to the mild flavour, before trying stronger products.

Ace Superwhite Cool Mint

One of the most popular flavours produced by the Ace brand is the Superwhite Cool Mint. The nicotine pouch comes, like all the other flavours from Ace, in a little round plastic can. Each can has 24 pouches in it, with 0,72 grams per pouch. The Superwhite Cool Mint flavour is known to be very long-lasting – thus its popularity. An added benefit of nicotine pouches? Because the pouches do not contain any tobacco, only the specifically extracted nicotine, they do not stain your teeth, so you are free to use the discrete pouch without having to worry about any unpleasant side effects.