Originally founded by Winnington, Kickup Snus goes by the slogan ‘When you want a little more out of life!’ and is all about providing energy to people. The product is designed in a way aimed to reduce drowsiness and increase the ability to stay awake longer. It is perfectly suited for people with an active lifestyle. By using natural ingredients and not including any tobacco or nicotine in its pouches, the brand aims at keeping people strong while still enjoying a kick of energy. It was recently bought by British American Tobacco and is all set to take the global snus industry by storm.

Kickup pouches

KickUp’s only similarity to snus is the tin and the method of use (under the lip). It is free from tobacco and nicotine and instead filled with vitamins, caffeine and guarana. KickUp is packed in a slim pouch that is all white for a cleaner experience and a taste sensation that lasts up to 20 minutes. As the world is moving away from smoking and vaping due to health hazards, the nicotine-free KickUp Pouch could satisfy users in a similar way to smoking or vaping. KickUp contains minerals and micronutrients, and with its wholesome ingredients, the innovative KickUp pouches are great for people trying to lower their nicotine intake.

Taste & Variance

KickUp comes in a wide range of options and flavours that is a blend of traditional snus flavours with a KickUp twist. A regular snus user will be familiar with the taste of bergamot, mint, and liquorice with hints of fruity undertones. KickUp’s pouches have the same flavour but contain less harmful ingredients. KickUp also has a white pouch version, which is a lot drier and has a cellulose base rather than tea. The pouches are available in three variants to the UK market – KickUp Original, KickUp Soft Mint & KickUp Strong. KickUp is creating a revolution in the snus industry with its nicotine-free pouches.