Tobacco traders in the UK are anticipating unprecedented changes in the industry with Brexit. Still, it is not clear what changes to the laws on nicotine pouches Brexit will bring to the UK market. The UK has rules set on how to impose tobacco restrictions. Should we be expecting tough times in the snus industry for the UK? How will this change the environment of the existing industry? Packets in the United Kingdom may require redesigning since they will not have access to European Union photos (copyrighted) talking about the potential risks involved with the product. What else might the industry possibly expect?

Snus and Brexit

One school of thought would be that the UK post-Brexit will be wanting to keep the tax base up by any possible means, and will, therefore, among other actions, soften its stance on snus and other modern innovations in the industry. They wouldn’t have a protectionism argument to go on at all since nothing really similar to snus is produced domestically at the moment. On the other hand, due to increasing protectionism, post Brexit snus may start to be domestically made, with their import still staying illegal. This would obviously help with any potential trade balance issues of going too soft on foreign products.


Stakeholders Participation

Those creating legislations that govern people’s freedom of choice should absolutely invite industry stakeholders to participate in discussions that will impact lives, especially snus users and manufacturers. They have all the data and the know-how regarding the product and could make a case for saner legislation. It appears to have been a misguided judgment that led to the ban on snus. Swedes have been using some form of snus for the past two centuries, and are generally much healthier on average than Britons. We are hoping greatly that the UK will take some sort of a pro-technology stance on this issue and not get stuck in the past.