The company behind Lundgrens pouches is known for its innovative approach to pretty much everything! Starting from their initial invention, the perforated pouches, they entered the nicotine pouches industry with a bang. The perforated pouches have proven to give out a much more intense taste which was a hit with the users looking for a unique experience. Their next invention, the flex cap, is a movable membrane which expands as you dispose of your product. You have more space meaning you don’t have to empty your cap quite as often. Talk about meeting your customers’ needs – well done Lundgren’s!

Exotic Flavours for the British consumers

Lundgrens comes in a variety of flavours and can be ordered in the UK as well as other European countries. The names of flavours are delivered from the various regions of Sweden, where the Lundgrens portion pouches come from. So you can come across Lundgrens Skåne in variations Stark, White and Slim, Västkusten White, Fjällen White, and Norrland Slim and White. Skåne offers you a taste of fresh Swedish forest berries; Västkusten explores elements of wild rose from the Swedish west coast rosehip with floral heather; Fjällen brings you the mysterious cloudberries recently much more popular in our culture; while Norrland gives you hints of fir tree sprout and fresh mountain flowers. In other words, very exotic flavours for the British consumers


The nicotine pouches from Fiedler & Lundgren come in different strengths to fit your needs. The regular one is 10mg/g, with each pouch weighing about 0.8 grams. In fact, most of the flavours offered come as a 10mg/g strength. But fear not if you’re a lover of a stronger nicotine kick. The Skåne Stark delivers a full 16mg/g, satisfying all your nicotine needs. And, of course, all that without any of the harmful effects of tobacco, as Lundgren nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free. That also means that you don’t have to worry about staining your teeth! Does it get better than that?