Lyft is one of the most popular brands of nicotine pouches on the market and the UK market is no exeption. If you are looking for a nicotine kick, but for one that is smoke- and tobacco-free then Lyft is certainly your answer. The white pouches from Lyft are full of nicotine but free from all the harmful particles of tobacco. Every Lyft portion is both discrete and convenient, easily fitting under your upper lip. And if you find the regular pouches too big, most of the flavours come in both a regular and a slim version, so you are sure to find something to fit your preferences.

Lyft flavours – Large variety for the British consumers

Lyft pouches come in a variety of fantastic flavours. In fact, there aren’t many nicotine brands out there that offer quite as many flavours as Lyft does, especially not for British consumers. You can find the regular Lyft Ice Cool Strong Mint Slim All White, Lyft Mint Slim, and Lyft Liquorice Strong Slim, which are often found with other brands. However, Lyft also offers many unique and exotic flavours, such as the popular Lyft Lime Strong or Lyft Ruby Berry Slim, and even some mysterious flavours under names like Lyft Urban Vibe and Lyft Summer Beat Limited Edition. You will certainly not get bored with the wide selection on offer.

The strengths

Lyft pouches UK come in different strengths. If you’re looking for a milder version you can reach for the 6mg or the 8mg ones. However, if you enjoy more of a nicotine kick and want something stronger, Lyft caters to your need with their 14mg, 16mg, and even 18 mg strength pouches. Each can contains 24 pouches with an innovative lock that doubles as space where you can discreetly dispose of the used product, making them an excellent product to use on the go. The cans are also quite slim so they will easily fit in your pocket or your clutch on a night out.