Nordic spirit portion Nordic spirit pouches are a popular snus and pouch brand in Sweden as well as in the United Kingdom. It refers to a line of products manufactured by Nordic Snus AB in Vårgårda, Sweden. This old Swedish company has a time-tested production line based in an old factory whose history dates back to 1432. The suppliers to this manufacturer mainly come from Brazil, Serbia, India, and Argentina. These suppliers have been chosen with a priority of ensuring that Nordic spirit pouches meet the highest quality standards for the buyer. The quality of this product is ensured by the company’s quality system known as Swedish Quality Snus.

Example of Products

Nordic spirit snus and pouches examples include the first two released products of True White Mint and True White Bergamot Wildberry. These are distinct blends of natural ingredients such as plant-based fibres, nicotine, flavour, and a little amount of gum base. The all-white pouches are specially prepared for users who worry about the discolouration of teeth. Unlike traditional snus, these do not leave any stains on the teeth and this makes them more preferable. They also have a long-lasting taste offering users an easy and enjoyable way of getting nicotine. When opened, the products give an outstanding aroma of well-balanced flavours.

Popularity in the UK, Taste and price range

In the UK, which is not necessarily a snus and pouch market, there is evidence that nicotine pouches are gaining popularity. This can be attributed to the pocket-friendly prices and unique taste such as mint and the flavour of wild berries and bergamot that is blended in their manufacturing. Is noteworthy that there are companies that deliver these products in boxes that can be put in a letterbox outside apartments. This is a unique scenario and portrays that the Nordic spirit brand is increasingly becoming an alternative to normal cigarettes thereby reducing the adverse effects of tobacco. Prices range from €6.50.