Onico is the most popular nicotine brand in the UK. This tobacco and nicotine-free snus is a solution to individuals who want to stop the use of tobacco or nicotine completely. The tobacco has a very realistic taste and you can find it as original mini, licorice, original, and peppermint. The recipe used in its making is examined by an expert dentist to ensure no damage to the gums and teeth of the user. It is made using vegetable fibres, which are seasoned with selected flavours that are chosen carefully to bring out the full snus experience. The price is around 3 to 4 pounds.

Onico tobacco-free portion

The original nicotine and tobacco-free Onico portions are made using plant fibres. The portion has a real snus sensation about it. The traditional snus uses flavourings and aromas to give it that peppery zest with a touch of citric fruit extract. The white Onico portion is a pouch that have 100% flavours with 0% nicotine and tobacco content. The white Onico portions have dry surfaces, but the content is moist for low salivation, releasing flavour slowly for longer periods. With improvements on the recipe, the Onico white peppermint snus portion has a more intense taste and is darker than those introduced before.

Buy Onico pouches online

While in the UK, you can order Onico pouches online and enjoy quick deliveries. Several websites are offering all types of smokeless tobacco, so you can find the best one for you. Most of them ship worldwide and are very fast and reliable. If you are a true fan of smokeless tobacco and are living in the UK, order Onico and get them as quickly as possible to enjoy the pleasant feeling of quenching your craving. Since they are without the tobacco and nicotine content, they have no freight cost. This means that you will not incur any extra shipping costs when you order online.