AG Snus is a subsidiary of Assens Tobaksfabrik, a company that has been around since 1864. It develops a wide range of snus products of the highest quality. One of the products from the brand is Shiro, an all-white nicotine product that is tobacco-free. Shiro pouches are made of pure plant fibre with the addition of nicotine. It comes in a wide range of flavours for all nicotine lovers to enjoy. Shiro nicotine pouches are a good alternative to tobacco, allowing you to enjoy all the amazing feeling of tobacco but without the harmful effects that come with smoking.

Flavours of Shiro Nicotine Pouches

Shiro nicotine pouches come in different flavours from peppermint to caramel. This will make your experience using the tobacco-free pouches even more amazing, allowing you to savour the taste in your mouth alongside the awesome effects. There is the All White Slim Cool Mint which comes with a combination of spearmint and menthol and contains 10mg of nicotine. If you don’t want something too strong but still enjoyable, you can go for the All White Slim Fresh Mint that contains 6mg of nicotine. There are usually 24 portions in a can but it all depends on the size you are buying.

Price Range of Shiro Nicotine Pouches in the UK

There are several things that make nicotine pouches from this brand remarkable. It does not only come in different flavours but the prices of the pouches are also affordable. The average price of a 12g can of Shiro snus is £4.60 while a roll is often around the price of £40. Shiro snus is a Swedish product which is manufactured in a hygienic environment and follows the standards set by the Swedish Food Act. It is one of the many nicotine pouches that has gained popularity in the United Kingdom. Why not try out one of Shiro nicotine pouches today!