With the catchy slogan “Zero Tobacco, Total Satisfaction”, Velo is taking the nicotine industry by storm. Because they are smoke-free, Velo pouches are great to enjoy on the go. UK users are especially sure to love this product. Whether you are stuck on the tube or on a maybe on a long-haul flight, you will never have to make do without your much-needed nicotine kick. Plus, no need to worry about stained teeth, as all the chemicals that usually caused that side effect in regular snus have been got rid of when Velo extracted nicotine from the harmful tobacco.

Velo – The unique flavours

Velo pouches flavors do not disappoint. Made from eucalyptus and pine fibres, you can naturally find the pouches in a range of minty flavours such as Ice Cool, Polar Mint, or Freeze. Many users, however, are attracted to the more exotic flavours offered by the brand. Velo is also available in Ruby Berry and Tropic Breeze. as well as the cool-sounding Urban Vibe, which contains extracts from red fruits such as cranberries, berries and cherries – a true explosion of flavours. Whether you are more of a traditional minty user or after something unusual, you are sure to find something to your taste.

Velo – the responsible brand

When it comes to Velo pouches how to use them may not be clear to all. It’s as simple as placing the discreet pouch under your upper lip and letting the natural moisture of your mouth to release the flavour – together with the nicotine. Most people prefer to leave the pouch in for up to an hour. Velo offers you a responsible way to dispose of your pouches. Instead of just spitting them out anywhere, you can place them in the innovative cap and dispose of later. In the UK, the most popular Velo pouches are the slim versions that come in sleek cans with 20 pouches per box.