White fox portion is a white product with no element of tobacco in it. The Gajane Company made this product available in the market for the first time in June 2019. The product lacks tobacco but has the right quantity of nicotine which makes it serve its purpose perfectly. One good experience with the users is that it does not affect the colour of their teeth. These pouches are very soft and have flavours which are similar to those of the usual snus products. Gajane knows exactly what the client wants, and that’s why they have multiple flavours in the market with high nicotine percentage.

White Fox Products entering the British Snus market

There are multiple white fox pouches available within the British market to satisfy different client tastes and preferences. They have products with different flavours and nicotine strengths. Since 2018, Gajane has been able to release four types of white fox brands to the UK market. The latest product is said to be White Fox Black Slim but is not currently available in any market at the moment. Currently, the products that are available are as follows; White Fox Slim, White Fox Double Mint Slim, and White Fox Full Charge. The products differ slightly on the nicotine level, which is noted in the design of the can.

Price and Popularity

The white fox nicotine products were the first all-white products released by the Gajane Company and they were the only products currently on the market back in 2018. The products were, and are still, the only free tobacco nicotine products on the market with such a high level of nicotine. This can tell you the kind of popularity the product enjoys as there is no competitor or substitute for them in the market. The product prices are fair and quite affordable by the UK users. Their prices are equally similar to other nicotine products in the market, and their high popularity has not affected the price as much. The price of one can of The White Fox Nicotine Pouches can be as low as 4-5 pounds, if you order in bulk.